Solar Gifts and  Heart Spun Realities.



I’m heading to Egypt on Sunday for an eight day journey. There has been some energetic preparation going on, but it would be difficult to say what is for the journey and what is simply life on Earth at this moment.
As a part of my preparations I visited the British Museum in London to spend time in the Egyptian Galleries. Always been a powerful place for me. I don’t go to London often. This was an overnight visit, so I had a chance to settle in to the energy of the city.
I was deeply struck by the palpable air of death that hung in the atmosphere. Thousands of people scurrying around, busy with their work, proving up systems that are on the verge of collapsing. The decay was evident, just under the surface. It was a strange experience. The decay was evident, just under the surface. It was a strange, vivid and unsettling experience. The old world is teetering on the edge of collapse.
The museum was busy and noisy. I walked into the Egyptian halls slowly and sat on a bench to absorb the atmosphere. Very quickly a veil was lifted out of my heart. Days later i can still feel the spaciousness that was revealed. I have often talked of the Universal heart being completely detached and unemotional. What we are starting to come to is the heart as a technology of light. A generating field in its own right, acting independently of the personality structures lying above it. At this deep level, the heart, all hearts are engaged in the weaving of reality, spun from the finest threads of silken love. We are literally the creators of our reality. I think all sentient being participate in the creation of the reality they are living within. It happens at levels way beneath the conscious self. Maybe now, we are readying ourselves to become conscious again of this innate capacity.

The Egyptian Galleries didn’t hold much energy for me this time. One Statue of Sekhmet radiated power, but I felt strangely unmoved by the beautiful objects. After an hour or so I left the museum. As as I walked out into bright winter sun, I was hit by the intensity of light.
The sun said to me, “Don’t go digging around in the past looking for wisdom. It is available in the present. In my light, every strand of it, is the wisdom and truth you seek.”
I felt the rays of light tipped with the helping hands of the sun. They penetrated the dusty, gloomy energy of the museum and washed it away.
“Why am I going to Egypt?”, I asked.
“You’ll see.” said the Sun.

The past is dying. Our history is falling away. Reality is created, by us in each and every second, with every breath and beat of our heart. We are being reborn, resurrected, and now is that moment. One this teleconference you will experience that.