Solstice Preparation; Breathing the Light of The Sun, birthing the Golden Child



As we have moved through the 12/12 Gateway we are in a very different energetic territory. There is a noticeable and strong shift. Perhaps this becomes particularly pronounced as more and more are focused on it each year, adding to the impact of this time.

Instead of the incessant pushing and gouging of energy to help us let go of and dissolve all of the old patterning, the energy becomes much more gentle. At least this is my experience. The waves of energy become softer. They are no less powerful and profound, Perhaps more so. This energy modulation is carefully orchestrated to support us in receiving the most, the deepest benefit from the Solstice, this year on the 21st.

If you spend time in meditation on a regular basis, then you will notice that there is an unfoldment of energy. Much is on offer at this time. It becomes important for us to make time for the receiving of what is available. Of course this also tends to be a very busy time of year too, with many pressures to get things done, attend events, see family and so on.

I am finding that each time I give myself to a decent chunk of meditation time, something magical happens.

A few days ago, I was pulled up and out of my system into higher dimensions. There was a meeting there and conversation about a braiding of energy that is happening for many now. A fusing together of aspects to create a new vibration of energy on the planet.

In another meditation this week, I received an “excavation” of energy in my head and third eye. It was like being on an archeological dig, discovering an ancient tomb, where the entrance had collapsed, hiding everything for millennia. I have also experienced a profound deepening into the heart and instruction on “receiving more power.”

These beautiful gifts are flowing in effortlessly as long as I/we give time and space to receive them. I believe they are preparation for a major up levelling that will happen at the Solstice.

So, this teleconference is a gathering to give time and space to this preparation we find ourselves in. It’s vital to carve out time in order to prioritise what is truly important. As always, this doesn’t need to be with a group, online or guided by anyone else.It can be accessed in your own meditations. What each of us receives is impeccably designed by our higher selves to aid and speed our unfolding.

Some of what is on offer is collective though, like the braiding of energy. I’ll write more about that next time. We will create a field that enhances our capacity to received and this can be helpful. We will give time to receive what is yours, as well as what is collective. There may well be some surprises. That is often the case.