The 7/7 Portal. Starlight of Sirius.



Over the past few days, I have felt a familiar energy moving into my field. It is that of the Star Sirius. we are at that time of year when its energy strengthens on the planet. It coincides with the 7/7, making an ideal time to open the gateway that leads us to The Lions Gate in August.

This morning, I decided to focus on the Star Sirius to receive its energy properly. It was an interesting experience. Emotional actually. Many of us have strong connections with this star and its impact in our body and energy field is powerful and positive. These words flowed in as i sat in a stream of starlight.

“As each of you focuses on Sirius, it draws the energy of the star into your world as a strong beam of light. The energy of this star needs to be utilised. Many of you were trained to hold the focus on Sirius to help its vibrational message and frequency permeate the atmosphere. It has a clarifying, organising and uplifting principle.                                                                                                                                                 It can be employed individually. As one person draws in the light of Sirius, the energy will move into the body and energy field. It can help to rapidly dispel low vibrational imprints and elevate consciousness to higher levels of expression. Sirian Starlight acts as a conduit for the Lion Headed Beings to enter your field of awareness, making it easier to open communication with them, or other star races you are harmonised with.                                                                                                                                                                    If you play with the focus of light, directing it deep within your body, it will help harmonise physical systems as well as levels of the field. It acts as a door-opening frequency, clearing pathways and channels quickly with its bright, laser like, energy. It will clear and open DNA records and help surface memories of other times you have worked with this light. The energy of Sirius reminds and strengthens of your Higher Purpose, which is written in the stars as well as in your DNA.                                                                                                                                                                        Groups of Initiates in Egypt and Atlantis would hold ceremony and focus on Sirius to bring its vibration into the earths energy field. There it would have a stabilising, harmonising and balancing effect, helping to maintain a high frequency over the whole planet. The same can be done today. The energy of Sirius is as available as ever and has much to offer in these times, both individually and collectively.”

So this teleconference, taking place on 7/7, will focus on Sirius. We will bring that energy deep into our own body and energy field, inviting its optimal impact and the opening of ancient stores of memory and awareness.

We will also hold this frequency for the planet. Our collective field will act as a magnifying lens, to draw in the starlight, amplify it and focus it into the planetary collective. My experience of this energy is that it really wants to be here to assist in thee times. It is a couple of hours since I consciously sat and invited the connection with Sirius, and its light, a strong, piercing flow of intense light is still streaming and activating different areas of my system.