The Angels of Peace.



Just as we worked with the energy of gratitude a while back, on the very popular, Embodying Gratitude teleconference, this one is about becoming peace, embodying it, rather than praying for it.

Years ago, I was sitting in a Peace Garden, one that was newly dedicated. As I sat, contemplating peace and what that might be, or mean, i was overshadowed by the Angel of Peace. It was a beautiful, slow process. I could feel the energy of this angelic being slowly move into my field and take up more and more space, until there was nothing other than peace. Everything became very quiet. My thoughts stilled, my breathing slowed. I was immersed in the energy, the vibration that we call peace. Its not really describable, but it is possible to contact it, call it in, be willing to be an embodiment of it.

So, that is what this teleconference is about. Embodying peace. We will work with the Angels of Peace, or rather they will work with us, to help us open to and touch into the streams of this ¬†sublime frequency. It’s an important energy to have east access to. Useful to know how to call upon it, and how to get out of the way so it can take up more of your space.

The Angels of Peace are very willing and happy to work with us, helping us to transform all within that is not peace, so we can become ever more available to what is.


Photo by Marek Studzinski on Unsplash