The Arms of Compassion.



Life can be such a harsh experience. Often we integrate that harshness in the most subtle ways. We deny ourselves that softness and love that is present because we think it might make us weak or vulnerable, or we simple don’t notice its availability. In times like these, when the world seems as if it’s going crazy, when resources feel scarce and everything starts to feel stretched, it is worth coming back to the basics.

Compassion is one of those basics. I have been reminded of it strongly this week. To have compassion for myself for not being perfect, not getting it right. For the history I’ve lived and the fears I have. To have compassion for others. I may not know their journey, but I do know it will be challenging in ways I don’t see or understand. To have compassion for what humanity is moving through now. Messy and destructive as it seems. Things are moving fast. The energies are constantly shifting and changing, pushing us to our limits. We are evolving and growing, awakening and becoming. It’s really difficult.

The being we know as Mary has been very present lately. She has helped me to soften and relax a bit. She has shown me some of the forces playing across our reality at the moment and shown me ways to make this an easier ride. She has reminded me of compassion. She has held me in a field of it, drenched me in it.

Mary is wonderfully available. All of those beings we call Ascended Masters are. Each of us perhaps resonates with different energies and frequencies at any given time, but there is so much support that comes to us from there’s levels and realms, often with out our realising. One of the purposes of this time is to dissolve the barriers that seem to separate dimensions, keeping us apart from these heightened frequencies, from aspects of ourselves. Compassion does that.

Years ago, Quan Yin, another feminine being of deep compassion showed me that she was holding all of humanity, particularly the unawakened masses, in her embrace. I hadn’t, until that moment, realised what a deep and unconscious level of concern I was maintaining, for those I believed didn’t know what was going on with humanity and the planet.

She demonstrated to me that all of humanity, is held in fields of unimaginable compassion and care. It really is true that not a bird sings or a blade of grass grows without it being known and considered right across the universe.

Mary is offering the same. This week I have had beautifully personal experiences of her helping me to let go of harshness in my life. She wants to work with us as a collective. Actually, she wants to work with us and through us as a collective. She wants to help us shed some of the armour plating we have acquired over long lifetimes on a challenging planet. She wants to help us open to the wonderful multi-dimensional connections that got closed down as we integrated those defensive structures.
She wants us to know that there are powerful things we can do, individually and together, that can shift reality on this planet.

She wants us to receive this compassion at the deepest possible level. She wants us to know that we can be sources of that compassion for the whole planet if we choose. When we ask for help and support for ourselves or others it is always given.
She wants to help us open to the vast streams of universal compassion, and become  a source of those energies in our world.

On this teleconference she will demonstrate how.

If you want to register for this teleconference, please use this link.

with much love,