The Awakening Inner/Outer Landscape.




I’m writing this from the beautiful country of Devon, in the West Country. This journey nudged into awareness last week. The Pet Shop Boys version of “Go West” played incessantly in my mind. As I sat to meditate, I knew it was guidance. Looking at the map, Exeter was the place to base myself.

I have spent a bit of time in Cornwall and in Somerset, the counties either side of Devon, but not much time in Devon itself. There is a major current of energy running through the West Country, The Michael and Mary line. This energy line has been beautifully mapped in a great book, The Sun and The Serpent. I have explored many places on that line, but none in Devon.

It’s been a busy couple of days. The weather has been wintery, cold, very wet, even a little snow up on the high points. Mostly, when I have had to get out of the car, and tramp across country, the rain has stopped, the sun broken through and rainbows have scattered themselves access the journey. Not always, but often enough to be remarkable.

When I asked about the purpose of this journey, I heard,
“To welcome the Spring.” This simple phrase touched me deeply. I knew that shamans of old would have bade farewell to the passing season and welcomed the coming one. I knew I had done that in some distant time.

As I came to the first point I was visiting, an ancient well, actually just over he border in Cornwall, I understood that the Spring being welcomed is not the yearly cycle we are moving into in the northern hemisphere. It is the dawning spring of a new age that the whole planet is moving into now. We are emerging from thousands of years of a frozen metaphorical winter, into a burgeoning spring.

I have sat or stood at power points along this line of energy, and been pulled very deep. I feel as if I am addressing deeper dimensions of these lines, calling them back to wakefulness. I am whispering into the lines that the long dark winter is over. Spring is here and we can celebrate and welcome the new season.

I have know for years that we participated in the closing down of energies on the planet and within ourselves, so we could have our deep exploration of separation and density. At one stage yesterday, in a small church on top of a craggy rock at Brentor, I experience the incoming energy from the sun as an infrared spotlight directly above, beaming down through me deep into the earth. This solar influx was thawing frozen places within, both me and the earth. There truly is no difference between the inner and the outer. We are one with the earth.

As we open deeper dimensions of our selves, we open these place in the earth. We have always, till quite recently, had an interactive relationship with the planet. Our ancestors lived this, built their temples in the places of power to enhance their experience but also to amplify the energies for and through the earth.

We are coming back to this relationship. It is the balance between heaven and earth, Sun and Gaia, masculine and feminine principals. It is internal and external. We are it all. Deeper dimensions of our experience in physical reality are in the process of opening up. We truly won’t know ourselves or our lives soon. Engaging in this work in what looks like the outer landscape, I become aware that we have been skimming over the surface, and maybe the great ancient temples and monuments point us, draw in inward to depths that are opening again.

I found in places I was connecting with vast dragons in the landscape, sleeping dragons. They are stirring, rising from long slumber. The level of energy coming on line is huge. It won’t happen suddenly, it’s going to unfold over a few years. The powerful activity of the sun is sending streams of high frequency light deep into us and the planet to aid and speed this awakening. it a little like being micro-waved. The whole process is speeding up dramatically.
We are going to go deep into this experience, for ourselves and the planet on this teleconference.
I can say for certain, that we are bidding farewell to the long dark winter. Spring is truly here.


The image is of Spinsters Rock, Devon.