The Big Reveal?



I’ve never known a Lions Gate Corridor to be this potent. It has over the years, entered collective consciousness. Many more recognise the frequency shift available at this time and are attuned to the energies of Sirius, and the Lion Headed Beings.

They are a deep part of our ancestry. Their presence is increasing in our awareness as they seek to stimulate our cosmic memory and understanding of our starry heritage.

So for a big chunk of July and August we are bathed in the energies of the huge star Sirius, flowing through the portal of our Sun. This is freeing up the sticky matrix of our limited, bound self, giving more flow and access to the unbound, unlimited nature of our being. Everything has picked up pace, moving much more swiftly. The energies are very fast and very direct, hurtling us along our trajectory.

There is a huge disintegration underway, and we are being remodelled, refashioned. Our light structuring is being added to, enhanced.

Years ago, I read one of Graham Hancock’s books, where he talked about the veil of amnesia that fell upon us after the cataclysm that was the end of Atlantis.  We dropped through several octaves of consciousness, down through the dimensions to become mired in 3d.

“The Fall” was a fall in our level of awareness, conscious connectedness. What I am seeing at the moment looks as if we are dissolving the last of the membranes of separation that came into being then. I see and experience this in myself and people I am working with. Key points of holding, that are anchoring dimensional divides in place are falling apart.

There have been many sequences of this over the years. I think we are close to a Big Reveal. I don’t have any real idea what that might look like. A tipping point? A location of undeniability? How might that play out.

This is happening in and for many of us now. Collectively it will shift over the Lions Gate through to the September Equinox. These two big energetic pulse points, each a significant gateway in their own right, act as marker points for yet another of the ever increasing levels of shift we are experiencing.

We move into new territory. The earth beneath our feet is shifting too. I have never before experienced the rootedness of nature come up into my body in such an organic and rapid way. It happened yesterday, after I was asked to sit and receive. Within seconds of getting quiet, a large structure of light downloaded through my sushumna, the central energetic column. This spiralling light architecture flowed through me and continued on down into the earth. After a few moments there was a surge of energy up from the earth and the rootedness of nature flowed back into me. It was a totally simple and natural thing, to have the roots of nature grow upward into my legs and entwine themselves around me. I was gently but firmly pulled to the earth, claimed by the earth. I know it signals a new phase of interaction, creation, possibility.

We are being reconnected into the new grids in ways that haven’t been available for many thousands of years. New dimensions of our purpose and mission are coming on line as we expand into this uncharted territory. To be focused into the world and expect that to ground you, or give you certainty is to ask for madness to descend. The material world can only respond to the huge turbulence of the energetic realms.

We might as well get used to the turbulence, and begin to enjoy it. It shows no signs of calming any time soon. Within this rough energetic weather there are the most amazing gems to uncover and riches to integrate. Our fields are expanding all of the time, including more of our multi-dimensionality. We are learning to stabilise in different and new ways. As we do this, our field becomes a source of stability for the planet. That can have a powerful influence. Not that we can save the planet from what it needs to go through, but the awareness and grounded-ness of our field, sometimes spread out over miles of the earths surface, can act as a touchstone for others. It will act as a touchstone, a point of connection, bringing clarity and understanding, often without us knowing or consciously interacting at all.

So, we enter into the realms of experiment. This teleconference, the co-created field is an experiment. I hope you will join me as we come together to  play in this field and see what it is we are ready to dis-integrate, as well as integrate.

There is alot on offer.