The Christ Light.



The huge streaming of energy that took place on the 22/02/22 is now beginning to integrate., I can honestly say I have never experienced anything as solid, consistent and prolonged as that influx. It will, I believe, be a game changer. It has thrown much up into conscious awareness, to be integrated or released. Both are happening at warp speed now.

The window that opened on 2nd Feb, created a space of unparalleled opportunity to move forward and amidst all of this movement and flow and upwelling, integrating, downloading there is something else going on. Can you feel the growing stillness and deep sense of well being. Despite all that is apparently going on in the world, it’s getting stronger day by day.

It’s expanding, quietly. Underneath all of the attention grabbing headlines, and the sensational downloads and big energetic events taking place on the planet, there is an expanding field of stillness and quiet joy taking up more space, more awareness.

It has, of course always been there. Mystics and sages have always pointed to it. We have always been distracted from it, by what pulls us outward into life. Nothing wrong with that. we are here to participate. But, now, in this life we are also here to participate equally in our inner world. we are here to ground thais stillness, make it available.

Peace, emptiness, vastness, eternity. It has many names, and can always feel elusive, but it is the bedrock of our existence. it is the place from which we emerge.

Through this month there have been many  polarity collapsing moments for for. It has been a window of powerful resolution. A significant part of what got resolved was a very deep antipathy toward the church. I got to see entwined lifetimes of experience of persecution by that organisation and grabbing for power within that organisation. Both old these con tributes to a very deep mistrust, and an innate understanding of the corruption at the heart of a system meant to bring us home.

This confusion resulted in a very strong resistance toward the being we know as Jesus/Yeshua.

He has been a presence in my life since he showed up as a guiding figure over 30 years ago. My first reaction to him was one of anger and dismay. “What are you doing here?”

He has always been immediately available and amazingly patient but I guess he was always playing there long game. he was aware that he and Mary Magdelene were setting seeds on and in  the planet, that would take thousands of years to come to fruition.

Now is that time. The Christ Light that they embodied and grounded is now being born in each of us accross the planet. This is the “second coming.”

So, this teleconference is a confirmation of that. We are being Christed. This of course has absolutely nothing to do with any religion, and refers to the light that automatically emerges in a being when they balance and resolve the polarities within them.

There is one body of humanity on this planet, and as millions of us come into unity consciousness, then this light is born. It happens in each of us individually, and as cells in the one body, it becomes a self perpetuating wave that ripples through the whole.

All that isn’t this light gets pushed to the surface. we see this very clearly inner own lives and at a planetary level. Don’t be distracted from what is important, what is real, what we came for.