The Codes of Sovereignty



Maybe two or three months ago, I talked on a teleconference about what would happen when Queen Elizabeth died. I had been shown that she, more than any other monarch on the planet, was holding an old grid of repression and suppression in place. She anchored something ancient. The distorted codes of Royalty. Ruling over others. This would shift as she let go. I knew from this download that her death was coming soon.

Yesterday, I was working with a client, and the energy was unlike anything I have experienced before. There was, what I first took to be a baptism. A really big wave of energy coming in through the crown. I often see that, but this was different. A very high, fine frequency, rare.

It took a while to reach the clients heart. As it did, there was a massive expansion of heart energy, which rippled out across the planet, opening up and connecting to the heart grid many of us are now anchoring. There was an enormous activation of the frequency. Many new/ancient dimensions opened as this field was moving out in waves.

The energy continued down the souls stream, working slowly, more and more waves coming in, clearing through the whole body. It streamed in to my clients base and held there, building into a bright light. I have never seen this before, not in this way.  It was happening for me at the same time.

As I have meditated on this, I know the bright light was illuminating and activating energies in the earth that have been dormant or corrupted. it was opening up grid lines, and anchoring itself and us.

Many other things happened during the client session. There was a profound clearing through the body, and a huge strengthening and alignment.

Within minutes of the session ending it was announced that the queen had died, and everything clicked into place.

What I was witnessing was an anointing rather than a baptism. The sovereign is anointed in the most sacred act of the coronation ceremony.  We are now being anointed. The codes of sovereignty, held for so long in fields that have been off limits to the masses, are opening and flooding the planet.
Individuals, doing their personal work, will always have been able to access these codes. But the release back into the collective is something different. It’s a huge outpouring, a signal if you like, wired into our DNA. It’s another big step in our planetary unfolding.

This is our work on Sundays teleconference.We will receive these codes, this anointing. We will receive it for ourselves and for the planetary collective. We will anchor these codes and free them up for all to experience a little more easily.

I often say that you do not have to be present with me on a teleconference to receive the energy. Many tell me they get it as they read a newsletter. Many tell me that what I write helps them make sense of something already experienced, or it opens a perspective they hadn’t thought of before.

This energy, this upgrade/activation/initiation is freely available to anyone available to it.  You would only have to sit quietly and invite it.

The image is of the rainbow over Windsor Castle soon after Elizabeths death was announced. This, for me signified the release of the Codes of Sovereignty. It happened over a castle built a thousand years ago, sitting on some of the major grid lines, rather than her actual place of death.