The Covenant.



I feel as if I am stepping into the pages of a Tolkien novel. This connection that is opening up is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It really got underway in Wales. In the days leading to my heading there, I was told, “You are going on a pilgrimmage.”

I immediately and wrongly assumed this was an outer pilgrimage, to places and stones and sacred sites. In a sense it was. Visiting power points was and lovely and enriching, but it is always about the inner journey. It was always about what was being laid to rest within, and what was opening up.

I felt my personal timeline of this life relax as I appreciated the beauty and history of the landscape and town of my birth. It truly was a homecoming. I knew that land had held me through a challenging childhood, though I didn’t appreciate it at the time. 

What opens up now is the inner landscape at a depth I could never have fathomed. I drop through layers of ancient history stored in cells and dna, passing through territories we have no written history of and just glimmers of mythological reference. All of this is alive and well within us. 

As I dropped deeper and deeper, I was told of a Covenant

 It is as old as time. The Covenant, the sacred agreement between humans and the earth. We weren’t humans when the covenant was made. Now, this contract is unearthing itself, in us. It is coming to light.  

The agreement is to help return the earth to its pristine nature. It was decided aeons ago that earth would serve the unfoldment. In whatever way was possible. She would allow graciously whatever man and his ancestors wanted to explore.

 So many avenues have been trodden. So many pathways carved, so much destruction levelled. We have travelled far from truth. 

Now we return. The return is to Truth. The truth is within first and foremost. 

The return is to the pristine nature of reality that is possible. 

There is a place where we are one with the earth. It is deep within. It’s as if, when each of us first decided to incarnate on this planet, a piece of our soul essence connects with and fuses with the soul of the earth. This is necessary in order for us to be able to create with the material, the matter of earth. 

We return to that point of fusion, that oneness, that sacred marriage. From that point we begin again.

 It begins again. We are beginning again. We are in a time of new birth. We are birthing ourselves and rebirthing the world. 

I am told,

“ Dont make it about you. It is not just opening up in you, but in many. It is collective. It’s not personal. Not yours. It belongs to everyone. It is simply your job, along with many others, to help in this process, to broadcast this energetic event.

Your stories were important as they led you along the path toward wholeness and remembering. They are no longer important. They are not who you are. Deeper levels of your being are emerging now, untouched and unscathed. Give time and attention to that. 

Be not concerned with the appearance of things.You are in the early stages. It is messy. This is not a quick fix. It will take many years for the full impact to unfold. Your role in this, each one of you is important. You have been led to believe you are weak, powerless, that your efforts are inconsequential. None of this is true. You are all incredibly potent transformers and creators, just awakening to your abilities and capacities. In 30 years what you realise about yourselves will dwarf what you are now coming to grips with. Take each step with focus and determination. Be clear about what it is you want to create. Focus just on what is in front of you and do that. Hold your heart open in all that you do. This simple act will change your world. Others will notice, be touched and inspired. They will recognise truth not because of what you say, but because of how you live. Let go of the world of effects. Pay less and less attention to the surface matters that play out across your planet. Wean yourself from the addictive drama. It empties you out and tangles your energy. Hold to the underlying patterns, the world of cause. Give your time and attention to that. There is drama enough there, drama that is true and sustaining. That drama is the new mythology of your time being born through each of you.

What you do now is important. You agreed aeon’s ago to be here for this. To embody and live this shift. It happens within your cells and biochemistry, within your beliefs and emotional field. It happens within your heart. 

So on todays teleconference we explore this. We will be guided through many layers of our being, dropping, dropping, dropping. We will take time inviting our history to lay itself to rest. 

As we continue to drop deeper, we will come to the place of fusion, of sacred marriage deep within. The place we are one with the earth. All of life shares this place. We cannot create without it. It is a place of genesis there at our core. 

We will rest here so that we remember, and the Covenant is ignited within us. It activates, and of course, when enough of activate at this level, then is spills out into the collective like an unstoppable wildfire. 


Image, Daniel Holeman