The Eclipse Portal. Lunar.



The second of this seasons eclipses is a partial lunar eclipse, when the shadow of the earth passes over the surface of the moon. It takes place on Saturday evening UK time. I am offering a teleconference to coincide with that.

The Sun, earth and moon have to be in alignment for an eclipse to happen. These powerful alignments create changes in the gravity and electromagnetic fields that we live within, so allowing for a greater sense of freedom from habitual patterns. Things change. Have you noticed? Things change!

This past two weeks has been a full on rollercoaster of energies, emotions, opportunities, collapses. It has felt chaotic, but very alive. You may have noticed the ease with which old programmes and patterns can be resolved and dissolved. This increases all of the time, especially as we become ever more aware and clear, and the old loops show up more easily if we are paying attention. The eclipse window we are in has highlighted the possibility of letting go of outdated in-formation and patterning.

Really important to be able to hold a still centre in the midst of the storm, as the storm isn’t going to diminish any time soon.

Our relationship with money, finances, self worth, and value is very much up in the mix at the moment. Fear and scarcity is amplified. Through the week, I have had the strongest, most beautiful reminder that our worth and value are not externally measured. Not in any way. Even though we live in a world turned upside down, where it seems that is exactly what happens. We must be very clear with ourselves and the world, that we know our worth. It is an internal, non-negotiable reality that is actually hard wired into our system, because it is an eternal, internal truth. We are returning to that eternal truth now, knowing our selves as beyond what can be valued.

The River of Gold, an energetic space I was introduced to by my Lion companions many years ago, was impressed into my awareness again this week, quite forcibly.

It is time to stop playing, time to stop pretending that anyone has any power over you other than what you grant them . Recognise it is fully possible to remove from your awareness the overlying imprint of a world where money is controlled by a few, and they have all the power.

There is a perpetual flow of Universal Abundance that runs, like a River of Gold, deep within us. It is time to give up distancing ourselves from this River Of Gold, which is an actual energetic reality. Truth is rising. This is the truth.

When I was first pushed into discovering this in myself, The Lion Headed beings said this.

“This is the River of Gold. It flows deep inside you all of the time. It is never not present. It is a Universal flow of abundance and sustenance, and you cannot be disconnected from it. Man has moved away from the inner reality of this, and so places value in, and seeks after gold trinkets outside of himself. This River of Gold is the true source of your worth, and it flows inside, always. Make this your reality. ”

We are going to work with this in Saturdays teleconference. It follows on very neatly from what we did last weeks session, The Heart Portal, where we opened flows of energy from the higher dimensions, to allow more this high frequency light and creativity into our bodies and worlds.

This work will be a powerful addition, clearing away many old patterns that are ready to be deleted and swept away. Can you imagine a bright, liquid gold flow of Source Sustenance rising up from within your endless depths. That is what is happening.

This eclipse portal, which will ripple on long past this weekends closing Lunar Eclipse, is such a strong call into our heart, into our truth, and into power. It’s time to let that power flow. Allow yourself to be filled from within by The River of Gold that was always there.

It is time.