The Eclipse Portal. Solar.



Another Portal of Potential is presenting itself for us to move through in October. It is formed by the two eclipses. The first, a solar eclipse, forms on Saturday 14th. The second, a lunar eclipse, is on Saturday 28th. I’m going to offer teleconferences to coincide with those dates in order to “catch” and make the most of the powerful energies streaming.

In a sense it is useful to look at the eclipses as a singular event boundaried by the two eclipses. The period in between is one of intense energies and transformational possibilities.

A solar eclipse happens always on a new moon. The moon passes between earth and sun, and its shadow falls upon the earth, obscuring the sun in those ares where the shadow lands.

The sun is constantly throwing out vast amounts of energy and radiation that impacts every facet of life on this planet.This bombardment of solar frequency is perpetual, so when it is massively reduced by the blocking of the moon an opportunity arises for a deep collective in-breath. A few minutes for our system to experience something else, something other than the continual outpouring fro  the sun. The more conscious we are of this opportunity, the more we participate, then the more deeply we are able to participate and experience.

This is an annular eclipse, meaning that the moon is at its closest to earth, so won’t cover the whole disk of the sun. A spectacular Ring of Fire will be seen by those in the path of the eclipse, if conditions are right.

On this teleconference we will dive into the portal offered by Octobers Eclipse Season, making ourselves maximally available to the energies of transformation. Eclipses herald major change and a deepening of available guidance. They remind us of our intimate relationship with the cosmos, All That Is, and afford the opportunity for a massive shift in our inner landscape, our identity, and our roles.

This can be seen in the context of the bigger picture of the window we are in.  Since the Lions gate back in August the pressure for a radical overhaul of how we perceive ourselves and how we act in the world has been enormous. The equinox and powerful new moon at the end of September have supported tremendously in the dismantling process. The portal available now with the coming eclipses, is a wonderful moment to really recognise that the Universe has our back, wants what is best for us. Although the energies seem ferocious, as we relinquish resistance and offer ourselves we recognise the fierce Grace moving us in the direction of our highest potential.

Let’s make the most of that.