The Energies of The New Earth.




Many of you will have noticed a major shift has taken place over the past few days. We have moved out of a place of density into one of more light, fluidity and spaciousness.

I don’t do much one to one energy work at the moment, but the other day I was working with a friend. As is often the case with this particular person, the work quickly moved from the personal into the impersonal levels. We travelled through her higher centres, into the upper reaches of the sushumna.  I held space and watched as the upper centres unfolded and opened. A vast field of energy moved into alignment above us. Touching into it, I realised I’d felt these energies before. They have showed up on a few teleconferences over the past few months, always unexpected, always a lovely, powerful surprise.
This was the energy of the New Earth. It started to stream down her central channel deep underneath all of the personality levels of the field. The energy dropped into the earth and began to integrate there. As I watched the energy stream I saw that points of deep attachment along the sushumna were being cleared. Issues and patterns anchored through many layers and levels of the field and body were loosening and falling away as the energy worker through. This didn’t look like a conscious thing, simply a by-product of streaming the New Earth Energies.
As I write this it seems all so matter of fact, but watching it happen, I was in complete awe of the unfolding. The intense purging we have ben through over the past couple of months or longer, has prepared us to be available as conduits of the New Earth Energies. They flow through us into this reality.
We are poised on the brink of an enormous shift. The shift happens in us, though us as well as all around us. It’s not an instataneous thing. More like a groundswell, with individuals becoming energetically available across the planet at their own time, but within and part of a wave sweeping through the collective.
As enough of us flow these energies for the collective field, then the energy of the planet shifts, as does the energy of our individual life. We live immersed in those energies, as they flow through us.
Witnessing this, I knew that I was a being given some of the pieces of what we will work on in the one day event taking place in London this Saturday. I will also offer it as a teleconference.
The Grandmother Field of energy will be a big part of the day, as will holing space for the alignment and clearing of the upper energy centres. Then we will experience the flow of the new Earth Energies.
We are the Technologies of Light that the workshop is named for .
We bring this to the fore now, in a beautiful blending of the ancient earth wisdoms of the Grandmother fields that will work with us, along with the new earth energies that are now streaming into the collective.

This will also be offered as a teleconference on Saturday evening, an hour later than usual. I will cherry pick the perfect sequences of energy work from the one-day event, and we will work them through as a group later. That way, if you wanted to attend the in person workshop but were unable to for whatever reason, you will still participate in what is going to be a very powerful piece of personal and collective work.
We are now in the process of co-creating the New World.