The Energy of of Change.



The energy of change is getting heavy in the collective fields. Can you sense it. It’s building like a pressure. Each successive wave of encoded energy we are influxed with increases the pressure. As more and more of the old patterning, templates and conditioning erode, we come ever closer to a flipping point where the old paradigm ceases to be.

Many millions on the planet are consciously unaware of the shifts afoot and so life continues “as normal” for them.  Nothing wrong with that. This does create a lag effect in the collective field.

Many of us are feeling the pressure and experiencing impatience, frustration. Nothing wrong with that either. It’s a valid expression of the collective dynamic.

Important then to ask yourself at this point, “How am I with change?”

Do you allow it gracefully? Are you carrying on regardless, same old, same old, while the energies shift from underneath you. Do you limit how change operates in your life, holding on to some idea of control?

In our history, the devastating changes, wars, earthquakes, plagues and famines will have anchored themselves deep in collective memories. There is for many an instinctive fear and resistance to change. So we meet this resistance now.

The coming Solstice in June is a major point of planetary transformation. We are in a very strong preparation for that. There is still time to move into the flow that finds us, and let go of old life aspects that no longer serve.

There is no need to wait for that Solstice point either. This is the time we have been waiting for, so don’t put it off any longer. Allow change to find you. Allow yourself to surrender to it. It will reveal to you what you have always searched for. It’s going to happen anyway. Might as well get on side with the process.

On this teleconference we will invite and engage with the surging energies of change. We will open to them and let them change us, ready us for what is coming. We will work with the polarities of control and allowing, helping too release deep seated fears of change.

A part of this is inviting and working with higher dimensional energies that will literally dissolve patterns and speed up your vibration. We have worked with these before but it is time to connect again with these higher frequencies, and allow them to change us.

Be prepared for what this invitation can do in your life, but understand that we came here to be change agents. We came here to herald the new paradigm. We came her to embody and become the new world.

So let’s do it.