The Great Synchronisation.



We are in the initial phases on this planet, of what I am seeing as a Great Synchronisation. The September Equinox propelled us through many doorways and offered the opportunity to let our old life go. It’s a bit like being on a boat pulling out of a harbour. At first you could reach out and touch the dock, but quickly the gap widens and distance increases. You can no longer cross the gap, and even the desire to wanes. The shore line recedes slowly, details become faint and attention shifts focus from what was to what will be, toward what lies ahead. Each doorway we step through moves us a little further out of reach of an old way of being. It’s scary at first, but quickly becomes exciting.

The synchronisation I am seeing is a part of this. Over years, many individuals have come into relative harmony. Their heart has become the dominant field, their mind is more focused and the body primarily in alignment.

Most of the individual resistance has been worked through and the will is flowing in one direction rather than being scattered and pulling in many directions. The field of the Higher Self becomes an embodied experience and adds vastly to the resonance.

The field of harmony that is created as individuals balance themselves is immensely powerful. A pool of stillness ripples out from the being, stretching out across landscapes both inner and outer. As more individuals find themselves in this state more of the time, the effect grows and compounds itself. A collective harmonised field develops. The collective heart field of humanity. This has been developing for a while now. Softly growing in power and emanation. It becomes palpable.

So the collective field synchronises and expands, and begins to blend with the heart field of the planet. Another major synchronisation and expansion occurs, as the human heart field anchors into the planetary heart field. There is a much greater alignment with the greater good of all things, the planet included.

Enough of this level of synchronisation has occurred to move us into the next phase. The Equinox was a tipping point if you like. Now the heart and higher heart are a unified field. That in itself acts as a signal, a beacon. Millions of hearts signalling out across the universe, underpinned and empowered by the heart field of the planet.

This brings in a much higher level of purpose. Old lives fall apart, old identities crumble. We are not the same, no longer just human, but aware of ourselves as more. Solar Beings, Universal beings, having origins elsewhere in the Cosmos. We ae now attracting energies from those places,. This has been happening for along time, but it has not been happening in the synchronised, collective way that is now getting underway.

Just try for a few minutes, consciously aligning yourself. Heart, mind, body, will, higher self. Wait for the harmony to develop. It won’t take long. Feel into the quiet power of your harmonised field. Then, with awareness, connect deep into the collective heart field of humanity. Nothing to worry about. You won’t pick up anything negative. It’s the heart field we are synchronising with. It will feel different. Get used to that for a few minutes. Wait for harmony to expand and balance the field.

Then drop deep into the planets heart field. Anchor there. Most of us are very familiar with this. Remind yourself that millions around the globe do this on a regular basis and that creates a field of planetary coherence. This is why it’s so important to pay attention to the  coherence, to what is real and growing. Turn away from the noise and distraction, the illusion we are being fed. Strengthen what you know to be real in you.

As you do this, you will feel the alignment that ripples all the way through your field and opens you to your highest inspiration. It’s as if this alignment extends the column of light that we are, takes it on up into the cosmic heavens in a way we have not been able to do before. We access energies that were not previously available. Downloads begin to happen that have not grounded themselves through us before.

New levels of our purpose unfold. New levels of our true identity unfold within us. We know ourselves at ever deeper levels.

This, in my opinion, is where we find ourselves. It is breathtaking.