The Isis Transmission.



This transmission of light from the being we know as Isis, is designed to help us unveil deeper levels of the heart. She exists in a realm where separation does not exist. The unveiling she offers will help us move closer to that realisation too.

In these times of  extreme intensity, Isis, comes to remind us of very gentle but uncompromisingly powerful energy, assistance. She is a bountiful resource.

We know here from Egypt, where one of her roles was as guide and protector of the midwives. She helps us now as we move into the birth canal of our own personal and collective process.  She willl help us to give both to all that we are. The aspects that we have forgotten, waiting to be integrated once more. She sill help us birth our future selves.

She was present, on the planet in Atlantis. an aspect, an embodiment of the Great Mother, and is not confined or contained by the image we know from Egypt.

Isis has been a part of my journey for many years. She used to walk into healing sessions, when I saw people in person, as a field of softly glowing gold light. I would watch as she would extend her energy into someones body and work her magic. She has been coming in to meditations frequently over the couple of weeks or so to let me know she wants to work with its in a deeper, more personal way.

The other day, I was  holding space deep in the earth as some landscape clearing took place. I was aware of her as  field of golden energy high above, overseeing proceedings. All of a sudden her energy started to pouring, but it changed into what I recognise as The Black Madonna. She laughed and said quite simply, “I have many Faces.”

The encouragement at the moment is to give up attachment to identities and structures that limit and confine. We too are everything.

She will help us in that process. This is going to be very useful as we approach a very powerful Solstice.