Decembers Solar Eclipse.



Welcome to December. It’s going to be quite a ride.
A solar eclipse brings this intense passage to a close Friday night/Saturday morning, depending where you are. This teleconference will take place Saturday evening UK time in order to catch the energies and work with them as much as possible.

Since last weekends powerful session with the solar plasmic flows of energy there has been purging at the deepest level. Thats what this eclipse window is about. Really getting down into the depths and clearing them out. This prepares us, empties us and opens us to hold ever finer frequencies. This is what we focus on here.

What might be the frequencies your heart wants to broadcast? This is not a question the personality can answer. Your heart, your truth, your multi-dimensional self already knows the answer., but the personality, often not so much. So on this teleconference we take time to settle the system bring everything to a deep state of rest and then invite a braiding of the frequencies that wish to broadcast. This is an automatic up levelling and stabilising of the whole personal field. One that takes complete account od us as individuals, because the work is done primarily by your team. It is upgraded as needed.

It’s a very simple process. As always, I’m not necessary for this to be done. It is about each of us, with our team, weaving ever stronger connections to the life, the future, the energies we want to experience. This is important now.
It’s also about our team being able to support us more fully, more easily. This will help them to help us, and help us to realise we are part of a team comprised of many beings, all working together for the same thing. We are going to need that support.

A few months ago, I was shown that the planet has a very rough ride coming. We are in that place now. Planetary shadow has emerged out into the open. It is clear to see for those that choose to look. This will last a while yet. I saw a period of two years before we begin to emerge from this density.

Personally, I don’t think there is purpose in fighting this. Not at the external level. It has to happen. We don’t surrender to it either.  Others may have very different ideas and paths.

We hold to the light. We do what we know to be right. We are all going to need to be very flexible and fluid now. So the stronger our connections are, the better. I believe it is possible for us to create strong, resilient bubbles in which we can maintain lives of integrity, peace, beauty and love. There is not the energy to rescue anyone else now. Maintaining high frequency is important. This braiding of energies will help with that.