The Solar Unveiling. Preparation. By Donation.



For some years, I have been reading and hearing others speak about “The Event”, a Solar flash that is going to change everything. I was skeptical. Over the years, as I have experienced the steady ramping up of the suns energy, my skepticism has steadily diminished. I think most of us are now aware that the energy radiating from the sun has changed, become more piercing, more direct. There is a stronger encoding held in the frequencies we are receiving form the sun. I came to understand that we are being prepared for something coming our way.

Yesterday I was urged to go sit in the garden. I took my notebook and went. Within a minute of sitting, I was out in the solar system watching. What I was seeing was an unveiling. It was as if a vast swathe of muslin was pulled out of the whole of the solar system. As is usually the case for me, a single image is encoded with a lot of information.

Here’s what I understand.

We are about to experience a series of Solar Unveilings. The first is in mid May. Each will be exponentially stronger than the one preceding it. Each is a form of preparation for the next one. In truth, we have been in a preparation phase for years now.

Filters that have been downgrading the energy of the sun are being released. This will result in a sudden jump to a much higher frequency level. We will literally experience much stronger energies reaching us. This has the potential to be quite shocking. This is not meant to alarm anyone.

These newly unveiled frequencies will add to what is the visible light spectrum. We will be able to see more. Many more will begin to see energy, auras, nature spirits. Much more will be illumined.

This added illumination will also extend into the areas of corruption and all that has been hidden on this planet. We will literally see more at every level. The extra intensity of the suns energy will be a rapid stripping away of illusion. For anyone addicted to illusion this will be very painful. Some won’t be able to stand it. The rapidity of the process will result in madness as so much undealt with, unprocessed energy is released all at once. It will look as if the world is going crazy. The world might well move into a period of chaos. This will settle.

Everything we have hidden from ourselves will also be revealed. We have been encouraged for years now to do our shadow work, to get to know our own darkness as well as our own light. For many, it is actually their own light that they have most trouble getting to grips with and accepting. The more of your own radiance you have allowed, then the less of a shock this will be. To truly allow your radiance, you have to have walked through your darkness.

Most are well prepared, and the single best preparation is in being heart centred. Most are reasonably heart centred. Living from your heart is really the only thing that is important now. It doesn’t matter what you know, what your practice is how “spiritual” you are. None of that is important. Simplicity and sincerity are key.

The heart centre has undergone an enormous transformation over the past couple of years. It is now possible for many to sit within the field of their own heart, to allow its radiance to become like your own inner sun expanding out all around you. Over the years I have witnessed and experienced the unfolding of the Diamond Heart Light. This is a very powerful, totally impersonal energy emitting from the heart of each of us. Now I experience the heart as a huge toroidal field of energy with its own momentum. We can allow ourselves to be carried by this, enfolded by this. Held by this. It is a supremely stabilising force.

The second of these unveilings will occur in June. Perhaps the June solstice. I’m not sure of that. Thats an assumption on my part. I haven’t been given precise dates.  The last, and by far the most powerful unveiling will occur some months later. Possibly September.

I understand that there is extreme mercy in this process. The gradual stepping up of frequency we have been exposed to over many years now. The way in which these unveilings themselves will occur is very gentle, giving an opportunity for many to acclimatise themselves and go through deep process of release and integration. The impact of one massive unveiling of frequency would be lethal for many millions. That is not how it will be. It will be uncomfortable for many though. There will be those who find themselves in bliss.
Most will need some significant rebalancing and acclimitisation.

On this teleconference, I will speak about what I have been shown. I will lead us through a very simple, profound protocol that I have been using for years, and have been show as a fundamental alignment process that will truly help at this time. Over the years, we have sometimes been joined by the Solar Angels. Their presence has always been extremely powerful. They will be working with us on this teleconference, helping in our preparation.

In no way am I claiming to have the full picture, or access to “The Truth.” I am deeply flawed and can’t say I live in complete alignment. I try my best. There will be many versions of this appearing from various sources out over the next few weeks. My advice would be to steer clear of drama and judgement. Anchor yourself in your heart and let everything else fall away.

I am making this teleconference by donation. If you can’t donate, please accept it as a gift. If you can donate, I’m very deeply grateful.