The War Machine.



Sometimes we are presented with experiences so we can better understand where we stand, make clear choices about an issue. This is the case now.

A few evenings ago, I caught a piece of news about the current war grabbing our attention. I sat down and asked, “Is there anything I can do that will be of use in this situation?”

Immediately I was reminded of something that happened maybe 10 years ago.

I was in a coffee shop, listening to a friend talk about his brutal, abusive, addicted, incestous family pattern. It was a difficult listen. His childhood dynamic was a totally different level of extreme than my own, really challenging early years. There were many similarities though. Enough for it to be triggering and jarring, and difficult at times to pay attention.

I asked for help and immediately was aware of two very powerful columns of light on either side of me. Angels that steadied my energy field, and held the situation. Later when I got home, I sat to meditate and was asked by these angels to hold my heart fully open to the whole family dynamic of this friend, while they moved it through. I was hesitant. I had never heard such an ugly account of an upbringing, one which still gripped his family and was currently active. I didn’t want that in me. I was very aware that my family history was a dilute version.

The angels assured me they would help.

So, I agreed. I dropped into my heart and prepared myself. Straight away I was surprised that his family pattern appeared behind me. I was expecting it to move through from front to back, but it was the other way around.

As the ball of energy was moved into the back of my heart I felt panic and wanted to run, but was held steady by the angelic presence. The whole thing was a slow movement through, taking about half an hour. It was a strange and powerful experience. It was deeply cleansing. Scouring is a better word. Trauma of mine got scrapped out by the movement, and my willingness to allow my system to be used in this way. The day after, I ached and felt the raw emotions touched. This took maybe three days to settle fully. I knew it was a profound event for me. I felt totally different. When I met my friend about a month later, I was surprised to hear that there had been a significant shift for him and all of his remaining siblings.  One who had never worked, had found a job. Physical healings occurred. The family home, a big bone of contention, was on the market. He said for some reason he felt much lighter, and thought that our coffee shop conversation had helped.

I never told him of the energy work that was undertaken on behalf of his family, but was hugely grateful for the experience. I was deeply healed by it.

So, the other night, as soon as I asked, “Is there anything I could do?”, those angels were back by my side. Shit, I thought. That wasn’t what I had in mind. I was thinking of maybe directing beams of focused light. I was actually half expecting to be told to leave the situation to play out. This seems to be the answer more and more. “Nothing to do with you.”, I often hear when I enquire about some world problem.

So, I said yes.

What I was saying yes to was the whole field of this particular conflict. All of the hidden agendas I know nothing of. The polarisation of opposing forces. The hurt, rage and fear. The massive displacement of people. The ugly masculine power dynamic. The environmental impact. The huge financial element of war. Also, the multi-dimensional aspect. There are many manipulating forces that fast of the energy generated by huge conflicts. All of this and so much more lined up, this time in front of me, and slowly began to move through.

Much quicker, much smoother. Less of my own resistance. I have been asked to do this a couple of times over the intervening years. Never at my instigation. I always experience a personal healing. My trust id deeper now. There is a little more space in my heart.

In the days since, what has been coming up strongly for me is enslavenent and my buy in’s to the War Machine. All ready for dismantling. All falling apart.  I hadn’t clocked the enslavement, but its obvious.

The armies of the world powers are paid slaves in a sense, giving up personal autonomy, to become a unified field dedicated to war.

My own willingness to wage war is something I get to see and work with on a daily basis, so no surprise there. There is a deeper understanding of how my petty angers and rages contribute to the climate of warfare on the planet though. It’s a bit of a kick up the arse, reminding me to take ever deeper responsibility for the workings and wanderings of my mind.

I was going to offer this as a call during the week, but was very clearly told “No.”, so I put it one side, assuming that this was simply a personal thing.

Last night, there it was, centre stage in my awareness, to offer as a teleconference on Sunday.

Do you fancy joining me? It’s a big ask, I know.

There will be options. We will of course work with the whole co-created field. The usual participants, the nature spirits, the animal and plant kingdoms are really excited about this. Already in position.
You will have the choice to simply hold space as the field of this conflict, and the bigger field of War is moved through. You will also have the option of stepping more fully into the experience and offering your personal heart space.  Don’t decide that alone. Invite your higher self into that process. It is quite a big one, and there will probably be some fall out. Literally things that fall out of your field as a result of participating.

Millions around the world are focusing love, light, prayers, highest intentions into this conflict. This is simply my way of showing up.

Join me only if you feel truly called.