The Wisdom of The Grandmothers.



We are being bombarded by very high, fast energies coming from our sun and the cosmos. Every day it seems there is news of huge solar storms directing streams of energy toward us. These energies are penetrating, stimulating, activating. They push our evolution at the level of cell and DNA. They help strip us down of past conditioning and free us to become all we can be.

At the same time, I have been reminded in no uncertain terms of another completely different range of frequencies that have always been with us. These energies hold, nourish, nurture and replenish. They remind us that we are an intrinsic part of these vast cycles of time and energy we often seem to be at the mercy of.

These energies emerged within me last week. I was in some discomfort in my solar plexus. Within seconds of dropping in to investigate it, I found myself hovering over a group of grandmothers, wise women in the Native American tradition. They were gathered round a fire. As is often the case, a single image or energetic experience holds a huge amount of information and keeps unfolding over time.

These grandmothers represented the vast store of wisdom, feminine wisdom, earth wisdom. I was aware of covering up this wisdom, this deep, still, quiet stream of knowing, in favour of the fast, fascinating exciting energies of our Ascension process. Here, I was being reminded that we are both.

I became aware of the Cosmic Mother holding all. The galaxy we inhabit was her pregnant belly and there is a birthing process at hand. She is not worried at all about this process. She has been through it a million times before.

We are that process. We are in the midst of it, caught in its turmoil. It is being born through us on this planet. It is happening deep within this planet.

We are also the field that holds the whole process. The field that has experienced endless such expansions and contractions. Now, as we near a critical point in the birthing process, I am being urged to pay more attention to the vastness of the field that holds the process rather than all of the shifts and changes within that process. This is not to deny any aspect of the amazing transformation we are all engaged in. Rather a simple shift of emphasis to the much bigger picture.

The Cosmic Mother holds a billion billion stars in her womb, all pulsating huge amounts of light. Perhaps the whole of our galaxy is undergoing this upgrading/shift. It certainly seems that way. This perspective takes the pressure off what happens. It relaxes the whole being. From this perspective we know that what unfolds will be in perfect order, regardless of appearances. This perspective is one of deep trust in our own divinity. We are one with this vast wisdom, with this birthing process. It is happening to us and through us, around and within us. We are nature itself.

The grandmothers who revealed themselves to me last week, as a strong reminder of this aspect of creation, act as a doorway, portal if you like, into this field of awareness. It has been hugely reassuring, relaxing and reorganising.

This teleconference is a visit from the Grandmothers. A reminder of ancient truths and wisdoms that I certainly find easy to loose touch with in the drama of the process we find ourselves in. I think if a group of us hold these frequencies steady on the planet is serves as a reminder for the whole and held ease the process.  It can relax the birthing portal. We act as cosmic midwives here, grounded on the planet, but also anchored at the farthest reaches of  creation.

That is what we are.