Upgrading The Family System. A Free Offering


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Over the past couple of weeks I have witnessed an huge amount of work in the Family System of clients I am doing one to ones with. This amounts to an upgrade. The upgrade is on offer to everyone, so we will focus on this for our Sunday energy work.

The family System is the system of beliefs, traditions, history, wounds and experiences a group of individuals have incarnated together in order to work through. Usually this is fairly unconscious, and until the advent of more widespread therapy in the 1950’s and 60’s no one would have paid any attention to this. Now, we have a much greater understanding of of group dynamics and family systems, and how they impact individuals.

I experience the family system as a tree of energy. Each member of the family is anchored into the family system and works with their portion of the family construct. Often, family Systems,(FS), will hold ancient memories and patterns, beliefs and wounds, which can slow down the individual in their evolution. The more conscious we become of these energetic constructs we are all engaged in then the easier it is to shape, influence and speed our own destiny with awareness.

Religious influences, hereditary illness, genetic patterns and tendencies, all of these and much more are influenced by the FS.

On this teleconference wee will work with the FS, to clear, enhance and upgrade it. There will be significant loosening of tight patterns and constucts, and the release of outdated and limiting beliefs that flow down these tress of energy, from our ancestors to us.

One of the lovely things about working with the FS is that all family members, past, present and future can receive the benefit of the energy work if they want. There is of course complete free will in this.

The upgrade on offer, therefor has the potential to be a huge piece of energy work, stretching across time, through dimensions, helping to clear the 4th dimensional space. It touches deeply into the web of energy that surrounds the planet, helping to lift and clear the frequency of that for all. It will, as well, be a powerful piece of personal energy work, and can change family dynamics and relationships.

We will take some time to focus on recent medial developments that are being promoted at a planetary level here too.

As always, you don’t need to do this with me, or with a group. You can sit in your own meditation and ask for this to happen. Your team will work with you and your family field as soon as you invite that. There is more power to doing this in a group, and that might enhance your experience.