The December Solstice 2023.



The December Solstice is upon us. Already the energies are building to what, for many is the energetic highpoint of the year. As I write this, we are three days out and I am experiencing the energy in continous, soft waves that are strengthening as we get closer to the event. These waves emanate from the sun across the solar system. There is another stream of energy I experience, which is more direct. For years now, I have been aware of a personal relationship with the sun. It feels to me as if I connect heart to heart. This connection now, in the Solstice window feels very strong. It is as if the sun is orienting my heart towards itself. Like a field of sunflowers turning to face the sun, this is how my heart feels, pulled towards the sun to receive its maximal radiance.

We all have a personal relationship with the sun. We may not realise it, but it is an enormously strong influence in our lives. For lifetimes we have had our focus elsewhere, and now, many of us return to what is truly important. In the last teleconference I offered, we worked with what I called The Shields of Forgetting, structures consciously put in place to help us deal with the massive grief of our decision to experience separation. We needed to forget who and what we are in order to have the full experience of density.

In this time these shields are dissolving, opening us to new levels of awareness and sensitivity. The major flow of energy over the solstice period will be a significant help in the dissolution of our forgetting. Millions more will begin their awakening journey in the coming months. My experience is that the primary focus of this solstice is the ever deeper opening of the heart, pulling us into a new paradigm of heart centred living on this planet. Much of our survival patterning is falling away now. It might seem right up in your face, but it is coming up to clear. It’s an important part of the process so we can emerge from the old paradigm and move into the new.

Allow your heart to be oriented by the sun. Allow yourself to be pulled into an inner relationship with this giver of light and life in our solar system. Allow your focus over the coming days to turn toward the centre of our solar system. As you do this you recognise you are grounded in your core, being illuminated from within by the mighty presence of Life itself, calling you home.