April 9, 2017

Dissolution of the False Light Construct

The Dissolution of the False Light Construct Over the past couple of months, in energy work sessions, something really interesting has been showing up. I wasn’t […]
February 17, 2017

Regeneration. We Are Being Repurposed

We have little idea of the vastness of the undertaking we are engaged in. This is a simple truth. As an Evolving Collective, the patterns now […]
June 22, 2016

The Ancient Gods

Our evolution is speeding up on this planet. We are disconnecting from the old 3D realities and opening to 5th dimensional frequencies. As awareness increases we begin to recognise the […]
March 8, 2016

Lucia René interviews David

Lucia René interviews David about his work, how he perceives energetic structures, and the dismantling process that happens in his sessions. He also talks about his […]

David is an energetic technician, facilitating dramatic unraveling of old patterns, locked in positions and attitudes, ancient wounds and long held stories. These constructs all dissolve rapidly as David brings a focus of energy into your field.

David perceives and gives voice to the stories in your body. This helps them at last to dissolve back into formlessness. He works with sound and resonance, communicating directly to structures and patterns to remind them of their wholeness, their unlimited nature.

The clearing of your history that occurs in a session with David enables original patterning and templates to emerge. Once the programmes of limitation threaded into our field let go, awareness expands, self-worth and acceptance increase, multi-dimensionality comes back on line. We remember who and what we are, and are able to live from that place.

David doesn't regard himself as a healer, but there can be significant physical benefit from working with him. He works deep in the field at the level of causality, rather than at the level of symptom. Genetic and family patterns, past life constructs and contracts, and collective agreements on the nature of reality. All of these are ready for change in order for us to move into new fields of possibility, and these levels, layers and dimensions David navigates with fluidity to reinstate balance and open to the optimal positioning for the next phase of your journey.


  • David cuts the rubber bands that hold me back with beautiful, soothing and energising sounds. Working with David results in something so astonishing and amazing that it is beyond words. "Happy without a reason" after David's sessions describes it at best. The work he does on a personal and collective level is totally life changing for me. Very grateful to have met him and his work.
  • The sessions I have had with David have served as catalysts for monumental shifts in my energy field, physical body and life.
    Abby, Museum Educator
    Pennsylvania, U.S.A
  • Stunningly powerful, hugely transformative. David helped me shift something really large.
    Lucia, mystic, mentor, writer
  • Releasing conditioning and templates held for a lifetime is a total gamechanger.
    Claire, Life Coach
  • Your journeys speak so much to me, because with your work, you reach parts in me, they seem to awaken and then there is just this knowing - which I feel very encouraging and empowering. Brings back a confidence in myself, a lost trust.
    South Africa
  • David is one of the most gifted people I’ve met in my life. He’s a shamanic healer extraordinaire whose unique blend of energetic work, sacred sound and a deep love for the people he works with facilitates instant and powerful transformation in ways I have rarely experienced before. The transformation happens quickly, and at the deepest level. I can't recommend David and his work warmly enough.

The natural multi-dimensional awareness that characterised his childhood has now emerged in a unique skill set enabling David to work with individuals and groups to create rapid dissolution of outmoded constructs, clearing space for the unfolding and integration of the new.

Story Telling

David has an ability to pull together strands of stories in individual and collective fields. He perceives the sticking points attached to these stories and helps unravel them so a new narrative can unfold. This is the sacred art of story telling. To remind the tribe of their origins and help open to emerging possibilities.


"Because you exist outside of time and space as well as within it, your ability to impact energy fields is not dependent on their apparent size. A human body, a continent or a planet, it makes no difference." David has integrated this guidance well. It enables him to work with collective fields of energy, moving backwards and forwards in time to help unravel constructs, and the impact of events.

Sacred Voice

"I'm you in another lifetime." This from a Native American shaman, the first of many multi-dimensional aspects to integrate about 17 years ago. Healing ceremonies began to be sung. There has been no formal training in sound work, but the sounds made have a profound impact. Many experience them as ancient, and deeply recognised at a cellular level. They remind all parts of the unified state. The work is simple, rapid and deeply transformational.


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